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Police in Cyprus deported 181 migrants last week

Police say over 100 illegal migrants living in Cyprus had been deported back to their country of origin.

The force said 181 people were repatriated over the last seven days.

Since the start of the year, 3,763 illegals living in Cyprus have been deported or repatriated, according to recent figures.

As it stands, Cypriot authorities are grappling with a continuing wave of immigrants arriving from Syria by sea.

Last month, Cyprus’ Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou expressed concern about the doubling of Syrian immigrant arrivals in recent months, which is mainly attributed to heightened hostilities in Gaza.

He pointed to the strain on Cyprus’s resources due to large immigrant influxes, urging the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the Frontex, to intercept illegal boats in neighboring countries.

Stricter regulations have reduced illegal immigration from Africa and Asia. Still, concern remains over the rising number of undocumented economic immigrants arriving by sea from Lebanon, posing further concerns to Cypriot authorities.

Famagusta Gazette