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Saharan dust layer shrouds Cyprus

Though atmospheric conditions have improved, a thin layer of dust continues to linger in the atmosphere above Cyprus.

Authorities recommend- among other things – to avoid activities and physical exercise in open spaces, and the use of a protective mask with a filter.

High-risk groups and vulnerable individuals are advised to stay indoors.

Last week, the Cyprus Pulmonology Society advised those suffering from chronic lung diseases to avoid unnecessary movements.

In recent days, Saharan dust has drifted as far as Athens, bringing a harsh orange tint to the atmosphere.

On the weather front, today will start mostly sunny but clouds that will develop in the afternoon are expected to give isolated rains or even a short storm in the mountains and possibly inland.

The temperature will rise to 33 degrees inland, 29 degrees in the south, on the east and north coasts, to 25 degrees on the west coasts and to 22 degrees in the higher mountains.

Famagusta Gazette