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Cyprus economy remains on an upward trend, Christodoulides says in Easter message

In his Easter message, President Nikos Christodoulides said he is optimistic, because the country’s economy remains on an upward trend in terms of its future prospects.

‘This is precisely what allows us to exercise a targeted social policy that is anthropocentric, focusing on our vulnerable fellow citizens, the middle class, households and businesses, the elderly, single parents, large families, people with disabilities and all those in need of our support,’ he said.

‘Immigration, housing, high energy costs and the need to move forward with bold institutional reforms are key areas for which we are working methodically, based on a holistic approach for permanent and sustainable solutions’.

He said the state was working on the basis of a growth model that was anthropocentric and focused on the need to broaden the productive base of the economy based on further research and innovation, on technology. ‘We invest in education and health, which are our Government’s main pillars for a better tomorrow’.

Famagusta Gazette