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About 40 rockets fired from Lebanon at northern Israel

About 40 rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel on Friday night, causing no casualties, following Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon, Israel military said.

The rockets triggered sirens in multiple communities across the Upper Galilee in northern Israel.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesman Daniel Hagar told a press briefing that most of the rockets fell in open fields, causing no injuries.

Lebanese military group Hezbollah confirmed in a statement on Friday firing dozens of Katyusha rockets on the Al-Zaoura site in the occupied territories.

Hezbollah said the rockets were fired in response to Israel’s airstrikes on the villages of Aita al-Shaab and Al-Taybeh earlier in the evening.

According to an Israeli military statement, the strikes targeted military compounds belonging to Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed armed group and political party.

Also on Friday, two Hezbollah drones carrying explosives that had crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory were intercepted.

The cross-border fire came amid heightened alert in Israel, awaiting an Iranian retaliation for the killing of seven Iranian commanders in Syria in an Israeli airstrike on April 1. ■

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