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Lebanon reports outbreak of hepatitis A in eastern region

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health reported Wednesday the outbreak of viral hepatitis in West Bekaa region, eastern Lebanon, according to the National News Agency.

The ministry said that hospitals, health centers, and laboratories have recorded 40 cases of hepatitis A.

“We remind citizens that the hepatitis A virus is transmitted to humans through contaminated water, contaminated food, or contaminated hands, and the average incubation period extends from 28 to 30 days after infection. Its symptoms include fever and severe jaundice,” said the ministry.

The ministry noted that it is following up on the outbreak and coordinating with the municipality, the Ministry of Energy and Water, and the water authorities to ensure the proper functioning of chlorination systems to avoid the spread of viral hepatitis.

It said that it continues to train municipalities, in coordination with the Lebanese Red Cross, to monitor the percentage of residual chlorine through field examination.

Famagusta Gazette