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CABS report reduction of bird trapping in Cyprus

In recent weeks, teams of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) on Cyprus have monitored known bird trapping areas in the districts of Larnaca and Famagusta.

According to the organsiation, despite an intensive search, only eleven active trapping sites were found, with a total of 57 limesticks primarily placed on fruit trees.

Two bird trappers were caught by CABS teams, together with the Game and Fauna Service and Cypriot Police. “The high fines imposed for illegal bird trapping in spring, combined with the intense monitoring efforts by CABS and BirdLife Cyprus, have decisively contributed to the reduction of these crimes in March and April”, Wildlife Crime Officer Bostjan Debersek said, adding that in spring 2021 more than 43 active sites were found in the same area monitored this year.

The NGO points out that all data clearly shows that cases of illegal bird poaching in spring have significantly declined following the introduction of higher fines in 2017 and the subsequent high 4-figure sums paid by culprits caught thereafter.

CABS state that poachers seem to have learned their lesson in spring and that it would now only be consistent if the same sanctions were imposed for cases in autumn, when trapping remains rampant and current fines are significantly lower, starting from just 200 euros.

“The next logical step is to change the law again and use the same successful measures to protect migratory birds in autumn and winter. If the government really wants to curb illegal trapping once and for all, it makes no sense to stop halfway”, Debersek concluded.

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