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Cyprus: AKEL calls on government to support public as energy costs soar

Opposition party AKEL has called for an extension of the existing energy support measures, saying it is the minimum the government can do to help households and businesses.

Haris Polykarpou, the official responsible for economic affairs within AKEL, said the state had the responsibility, the obligation and the ability to effectively support society with immediate measures, such as the reduction of VAT on electricity.

AKEL also called on the government to ‘proceed decisively’ with integrated energy planning and the introduction of renewable energy sources in order to structurally and not temporarily reduce the cost of electricity.

Earlier this week, AKEL presented a series of measures it said could help reduce the cost of energy.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, general secretary of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou proposed a reduction in the VAT rate on electricity from 19% to 9%, taxation on excess profits in the energy sector, as well as the continuation of existing energy and fuel measures.

AKEL also proposed that the state promote the installation of renewable energy sources. In addition, he called on the government to support the Electricity Authority to develop its infrastructure and modernize its plant at Dhekelia.

Stefanou added that the government should proceed with holding competitive tenders for the introduction of renewable energy sources.

Famagusta Gazette