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Relations between Cyprus – USA ‘best level they have ever been’

The American Ambassador to Cyprus has said Washington is working to get humanitarian aid to Gaza through any available route, including the sea route from Larnaca.

In statements, after a meeting with President Christodoulides, Julie Fisher said that the jetty built by the American army will soon be operational.

The pier — which the US military started building last month and which will cost around $300 million — is aimed at boosting deliveries of badly needed humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

Fisher praised the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the authorities of the port of Larnaca for the creation of a humanitarian sea corridor.

Commenting on the issue of the US construction of a floating platform in Gaza, the Cypriot Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letymbiotis, said: “It has been completed and is expected to be moved to its intended location as soon as weather conditions permit. The loading of the cargo on a US ship that is in Larnaca is also being completed and once the platform is completed on the ground in Gaza, this stage of the initiative can begin.”

Separately according to CyBC, Fisher noted that relations between the two countries are at the ‘best level they have ever been’.

Famagusta Gazette