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Cyprus aims at continuous flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza

 Cyprus aims at having a continuous flow of humanitarian aid from the Larnaca port to the Gaza Strip, Foreign Ministry spokesman Theodoros Gotsis has said.

“The plans under the Amalthea project provide for the delivery of 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid each week,” Gotsis said.

However, the spokesman stressed that the project is only supplementary to the aid which should be mainly transferred by land.

He also said that Cyprus’ government aims at having the aid checked in time so that it can reach the Palestinians as early as possible.

Gotsis appealed to countries for donation, saying that the Amalthea project remains open to those interested in contributing.

The spokesman also said that officials are working on the final details of the Amalthea Fund, which will soon be available to finance the aid project.

Famagusta Gazette