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Nations to fortify vital North Sea infrastructure for energy security

Norway and five other North Sea countries have inked a joint declaration on cooperation to bolster the protection of critical energy and telecommunications infrastructure in the North Sea.

The declaration underscores a shared commitment to fortify vital infrastructure crucial for energy security, resilience, and the safety of offshore workers, the Norwegian government said in a press release on Tuesday.

Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), and Denmark have all signed the declaration.

The joint declaration comes in response to heightened concerns stemming from incidents of damage to energy pipelines and subsea fiber optic cables in the North Sea.

“We have a common interest with our neighbors around the North Sea basin to secure critical infrastructure. This is essential both for energy security and resilience, and to ensure the safety of those working offshore,” Terje Aasland, Norway’s Minister of Energy, said in the release.

The North Sea hosts a plethora of critical infrastructure including subsea fiber optic cables, gas and oil pipelines, electricity transmission cables, and offshore wind installations.

Famagusta Gazette