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Netherlands to contribute to Cyprus – Gaza aid effort

The Netherlands announced that it will contribute 10 million euros to support the maritime humanitarian route to Gaza from Cyprus.

According to a statement from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of International Trade of the Netherlands, Geoffrey Vanlieven, announced the contribution during his visit to the port of Larnaca, where the aid missions are being staged from.

The contribution will be deposited in a special fund, which will be established by the United Nations, Cyprus, the European Union, the United States and other international partners and will be used to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid by sea.

The Dutch Minister visited the areas where the aid cargoes are inspected, as well as the loading bays.

Speaking to the press, he stated that it is very important to have immediate information from the Cypriot authorities and other partners about the preparations for the sea corridor and the problems that are faced.

Famagusta Gazette