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Cyprus News Briefing: Morning Update 19 March

Famagusta Gazette: A meeting of more than forty states to coordinate the next steps regarding the maritime humanitarian corridor to the Gaza Strip will be held in Cyprus on Thursday.

Speaking in Brussels, Cypriot Foreign Minister Konstantinos Kombos also said that a second ship after the “Open Arms” is ready to sail, carrying more aid to the Gaza Strip from Larnaca port.

Elsewhere, Green Monday, the traditional bank holiday in Cyprus, turned into a washout after stormy weather battered much of the island, prompting a Yellow warning from the Met Office.

Thirteen fire service teams, two civil defence units and five teams of volunteer groups were called on to help fix problems due to a storm in Nicosia on Monday afternoon.

And, the latest estimates suggest that there are 1,000 tons of tyres scattered around Cyprus, posing a significant problem for the environment and public health.

The recent discovery of a pile of tyre waste buried in a plot of land in Limassol highlights the prevailing situation, underscoring the magnitude of the problem. Discarded tyres stand as one of Cyprus’s most serious waste management challenges.

Weather: Overcast with the occasional bright spell. Temp: 20

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