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Cyprus News Briefing: Morning Update 16 March

Famagusta Gazette: The United Nations is continuing its effort to seek a way forward in the long-standing Cyprus problem, the UN Secretary General’s spokesman has said.

Speaking to the press, Stefan Dujarric was also asked to comment on the reports of the Turkish president, who insisted on a two-state solution and stated that the Cypriot solution is impossible if the “equal rights” of the Turkish Cypriots are ignored.

Mr. Dujarric said that Erdogan’s statements are known to the United Nations, noting that the UN is continuing its work through the personal envoy of Antonio Guterres, in order to find common ground to resolve an issue.

On this island, a spat between the Cyprus government and the Chinese consortium “CPP”, which undertook the construction of an energy terminal in Vasiliko shows signs of improving, despite a long delay in construction.

Cyprus Radio reports that during a meeting between Energy Minister Giorgos Papanastasiou with a high-ranking executive of the consortium, positive developments emerged.

Elsewhere, President Christodoulidis has made a public promise to the Cypriot people that everything related to the much-discussed case of the Monastery of St. Avvakoum will be investigated.

He made it clear that, if a case is substantiated, he will be brought to justice.

And finally, the first aid ship, traveling through the Cyprus-Gaza humanitarian maritime corridor, reached the coast of the Palestinian enclave on Friday and began offloading its cargo, Palestinian sources said.

Weather: Sunny, with the occasional spell of patchy cloud. Chance of showers in the afternoon. Temp: 19C

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