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Cyprus agritourism: An opportunity for local economies, the countryside and mountains

Agritourism in Cyprus is becoming more popular, according to what the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumis.

Speaking at the 18th Annual General Meeting of the Cyprus Agritourism Society in Platres, he said agrotourism is a tourism model that arose out of people’s need to search for accommodation options in nature, away from the tensions of everyday life, accompanied by the provision of authentic services.

‘It is a very good development opportunity for local economies, the countryside, mountainous and arid areas to develop further, always within framework of absolute respect for nature, the environment and cultural heritage,’ he said.

As it stands, the Cyprus Agrotourism Company boats members that own traditional accommodation and boutique hotels, wine makers, producers of traditional products, artists, private tour guides, owners of farms, thematic parks and botanists. The traditional accommodation and activities are located near the coast of Larnaca and Paphos regions and in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains, covering Limassol and Nicosia regions.

Last month, a new legislative proposal aimed at establishing a ‘countryside hotel’ classification was put before the House Commerce Committee.


Famagusta Gazette