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Engine vibration forces Cyprus Airways Airbus to return to Zurich

 A Cyprus Airways flight operating from Zürich to Larnaca made a precautionary return to Zürich last week, reports Aviation Source News.

Cyprus Airways flight CY351 returned to Zurich shortly after take-off on 13 April.

According to the report, the Airbus A220 initiated the return after the crew reported experiencing vibrations from the right-hand engine.

‘The cause of the engine vibration has not been formally identified,’ Aviation Source notes, ‘though a possible tail strike has been suggested’.

Cyprus Airways is the flag carrier of Cyprus, based at Larnaca International Airport. It commenced operations on 1 June 2017.

Cyprus Airways resumed operations in 2016 after a start-up Cypriot company, Charlie Airlines Ltd., won the rights to use the trademark of Cyprus Airways.

In 2019, 400,000 travellers were carried by Cyprus Airways.

Famagusta Gazette