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Cyprus president hails strong relations with United States

President Nikos Christodoulides has hailed relations between Cyprus and the United States at a Thanksgiving Gala Dinner.

Over the last years, he said the relationship between Cyprus and the United States had flourished in ‘remarkable ways, in an array of important areas’ such as security, energy, defence as well as in areas such as education.

Christodoulides said the relationship between Cyprus and the United States was a strategic one, and he was proud that during his time as Foreign Minister he signed the Statement of Intent which became basis of cooperation between Nicosia and Washington for work in maritime security, counter terrorism, and non-combatant evacuation. ‘It has never been more pertinent to say, that Cyprus is a stable, reliable, trustworthy and predictable partner of the United States, in a complex, often unpredictable region’.

‘The achievements in our relations have not happened in a vacuum,’ he added. ‘They stem from a conscious foreign policy choice and from the tangible commitment of both Governments’.

He wrapped up by saying his administration was committed to further increasing US investments in our country. ‘Simultaneously, we remain dedicated to supporting and facilitating the operations of US businesses that already operate in Cyprus, creating a conducive environment for growth and success’.

Famagusta Gazette