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President lauds Cyprus shipping industry, but ‘more can be done’

Cypriot president Nikos Christodoulides had lauded the shipping industry at the 35th Annual General Meeting 2024 of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber.

In a speech, Christodoulides said the shipping sector represents 7% of Cyprus’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and has a substantial contribution to the development of the economy.

‘Equally important is its role to the social and political development of our country,’ he said.

‘As a small island country with a strong maritime history, we have always relied on policies based on principles and values. In this context, cooperation between the public and private sector is of paramount importance. Your contribution is without doubt invaluable and I am confident that through our strong collaboration we will be able to develop policies and undertake actions that will successfully address existing challenges’.

In closing, he said he recognised that more can be done in advancing the maritime industry. ‘I also recognise that in order to be more effective, more productive, an even closer cooperation between the Government and the industry is required. In this context, further objectives have been set, and certain actions and initiatives are in progress in order to further promote the efficiency of the Shipping Deputy Ministry. In this regard, just to mention one example, the full digitalisation of the services provided by the Shipping Deputy Ministry is anticipated to be completed at the end of this year’.

Famagusta Gazette