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British Bases military action does not coincide with the policy of Cyprus, says FM

Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombos has called for self-restraint of all actors in the Iran – Israel situation in order to avoid an escalation of violence in the region.

In statements at the Presidential Palace, Kombos emphasized that any involvement of the British Bases – which took part in the operation to destroy Iranian drones over the weekend –  does not coincide with the policy of the Republic of Cyprus.

The position of Cyprus, he explained, is clear and anything that could lead to the ignition and extension of the crisis must be avoided. He added that he is in communication with counterparts and all state services are actively preparing for all eventualities.

On Sunday, the Israeli military said 99% of the drones and missile fired at it from Iran were intercepted without hitting their target.

The action was Iran’s first ever direct attack on Israel involving more than 300 aerial drones and missiles. The US said some of the missiles were launched from Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, where Iran has a military presence.

It now transpires that several other countries were involved in helping Israel defend itself against the Iranian attack. The United States played a significant role in helping to stop some of the drones, as did French aircraft and British jets from the UK Royal Air Force base in Cyprus.

The bases, part of the Cyprus independence settlement in 1960, provide a strategic link for the West in the eastern Mediterranean. Both bases provide Britain with important radar and communication facilities.

Famagusta Gazette