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Italy’s inflation rate remains stable, says National Statistics Institute

Italy’s inflation rate remained stable at 0.8 percent in February, the same level as in January, the national statistics agency says.

Data released by the National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) showed Italy’s consumer price index rose by 0.1 percent in month-on-month terms in February. The index increased by 0.3 percent in January compared to December 2023.

ISTAT attributed the low inflation rate to a slowdown in price increases for processed and unprocessed food, transportation services and recreational activities. Regulated and unregulated energy products saw prices drop compared to a year earlier, though by a smaller margin than in January.

The Italian government introduced a series of anti-inflation measures between October and December last year, which included capping the prices of a basket of basic consumer goods. Recent data indicate that prices have remained stable so far, even after the anti-inflation measures ended.

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