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Six boats with over one hundred migrants arrive off eastern Cyprus

Marine police in Cyprus have had a busy 24-hours after six boats  crammed with migrants arrived off the eastern coast.

The first three vessels with 116 people on landed on Monday. Police spotted the boats in waters off Cape Greco, near the resort of Ayia Napa.

The first vessel was detected by coast guards at around 1.10pm, the second at around 2.20pm and the third at around 3.30pm.

A total of 30 people were on board the first boat, 24 on the second and 62 on the third.

Then later on Monday, reports suggested three more boats were spotted in nearby waters and attempts are underway to escort them to shore.

There has been an increase in the arrival of migrant boats in Cyprus in recent months, including an incident January when 190 people were rescued from three small boats.

Further east, the Lebanese Naval Force on Monday rescued a boat sinking off the coast of Lebanon’s northern city, Tripoli, carrying 20 Syrian nationals attempting to leave the country illegally by sea.

According to reports, the naval force transported the boat to the shore with the help of the Lebanese Red Cross and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Lebanese security agencies have stepped up their efforts to combat illegal immigration as an increasing number of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, in addition to Lebanese nationals, attempted over the past few months to leave Lebanon illegally in search of better living in other countries.


Famagusta Gazette