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Egypt prepares food boxes for besieged Gaza residents

Workers and volunteers with the non-profit organization Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) are working nonstop to prepare free food boxes for those underprivileged both in Egypt and the neighboring besieged Gaza Strip, as the Muslim holy month of Ramadan will start on Monday.

Raising the slogan of “Food: the Essence of Life,” surrounded by trucks and forklifts for loading and transporting food boxes, the five-story EFB headquarters is welcoming its highest season for the past 20 years.

“We provide supplies to about 3,700 community-based organizations nationwide, with nearly 5 million registered indigents,” said Ibrahim Shaheen, director of the supply chain sector at the EFB, adding that the organization has about 120 direct workers in packaging and warehouses, while the total number of employees is about 1,000.

“We prepare boxes named ‘Ramadan Joy’ containing various food products,” including beans, rice, sugar, and macaroni, while the rest of items like dry dates, cheese, milk, cooking oil, etc., he said.

Famagusta Gazette