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Charles Michel pulling out of European Parliament election race

European Council President Charles Michel is pulling out of the European Parliament election race, choosing instead to focus on the remainder of his current mandate that runs until November.

He announced his decision in a lengthy post on Facebook on Friday. The announcement followed intensive criticism of his plan to abandon his post at a critical time to run in the European Parliament election as the top candidate on his party’s list.

He admitted that his intention to ensure transparency with an early announcement of his plan to run in the European elections had backfired.

“I welcome all political criticism and legitimate arguments. Naturally, every situation has several possible viewpoints. But personal attacks are increasingly taking precedence over factual arguments. I believe this distorts objective democratic discourse … For all these reasons, and to maintain the focus of my mission, I will not be a candidate in the European elections. I will devote all my efforts to my current responsibilities with steadfast determination until they come to an end. I will always be a fervent advocate of a Europe that is democratic, strong, united and master of its own destiny,” he wrote.

He added that at the end of his mandate he will “reflect on the nature and direction” of his future commitments.

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