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Travel at Cyprus’ airports surges, Hermes hail ‘best performance ever’

This year concluded with a positive sign for tourism in Cyprus, as passenger traffic at Cyprus airports recorded more than 11.6 million passengers, with an average of 32,000 passengers per day. Passenger traffic in 2023 had an increase of 3% compared to 2019, marking the best performance ever recorded at Cyprus Airports.

Specifically, 8.1 million passengers travelled from and to Larnaca Airport marking an increase of 34% compared to 2022, with average load factor of 81%. From and to Pafos Airport, 3.6 million passengers traveled, recording an increase of 12% compared to 2022, with average load factor of 89%. Overall, 52 airlines operated from the two airports, flying to 39 countries and 159 routes.

This significant recovery is attributed to the restoration of connectivity to 2019 levels for traditional markets such as the United Kingdom while there was substantial penetration into other markets. For 28 markets which represent 66% of total passenger traffic, an increase was recorded compared to 2019, including Poland, Italy, and Hungary.

During 2023, 18 new destinations were added, strengthening Cyprus‘s connectivity with countries such as Basil, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Naples etc. During 2023, the average frequency of existing flight scheduled was increased on average by one flight per week, enhancing our efforts to further develop existing markets. A key contribution was made by the incentive scheme for airlines, which we have been implementing for the past 10 years, in which #HermesAirports has invested over 120 million euro, while we focused on targeted digital marketing campaigns for further promotion of Cyprus.

Maria Kouroupi, Senior Manager of Aviation Development and Communication of Hermes Airports stated, ‘Despite adversities and continuous challenges, we managed to surpass the 2019 record and create a new milestone which will be established as a benchmark. The increase in passenger traffic and the reinforcement of connectivity on an island like Cyprus create a stable foundation for the substantial development of various sectors of the economy. The country’s connectivity is on a solid base, and we look towards 2024 with optimism.’

Last week new figures from CyStat showed the movement of travellers to and from Cyprus in 2022 recorded an increase compared to 2021 and 2020.

Total arrivals of travellers reached 4.833.939, recording an increase of 85,8%, and departures totalled 4.815.779, also recording an increase of 86,4%, compared to 2021. In 2020, arrivals of travellers reached 1.164.938 and departures 1.167.942.

Air traffic represented 95,5% of arrivals and 95,4% of departures in 2022.During 2022, the United Kingdom was the most important source of tourism for Cyprus with a share of 37,9% of the total tourist traffic, followed by Israel with 8,7%, Germany with 6,2%, Poland with 5,8%, Greece with 5,3%, Sweden with 3,7%, Austria with 2,2% and Denmark with 2,1%

United Kingdom remains the most important source of tourism for Cyprus

The movement of travellers to and from Cyprus in 2022 recorded an increase compared to 2021 and 2020, new figures…

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