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Belarus, Russia to hold joint military drills in 2025: defense minister

The regional grouping of Belarusian and Russian troops will hold military exercises on Belarusian territory in 2025, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said here on Thursday.

Khrenin said in an interview that the Russian and Belarusian presidents initially proposed to hold joint strategic military exercises once every two years back in 2009.

“The next exercise will take place in 2025 on the territory of the Republic of Belarus,” he said, adding that the maneuvers will focus on ensuring the military security of the Union State.

Khrenin further warned that Minsk would respond to any airspace violations, adding that there have already been six violations of the country’s airspace since August last year.

“We respond to all violations. When necessary, our combat aircraft are scrambled, and anti-aircraft missile forces are brought to the appropriate level of combat readiness,” he said, adding that in case of serious violations, Minsk will not hesitate to shoot down foreign aircraft that violate the country’s airspace. ■

Famagusta Gazette