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Cyprus sends humanitarian assistance to Gaza

Cyprus has given humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, including medical aid and consumables.

A government announcement said 70 types of medicines worth nearly 80,000 euros and four types of consumables had been sent to the battered enclave.

Additional financial aid from Nicosia amounting to 1.1 million euros will be channeled through UN organisations such as the UNRWA, the World Food Program (WFP), OCHA, and the ICRC, specifically aimed at aiding the civilians in Gaza.

Earlier this month, Cyprus’ President Nikos Christodoulides outlined an initiative to establish a humanitarian sea corridor to provide aid to the civilian population of Gaza.

At the time, the president said that the European Commission, Greece, France and the Netherlands have voiced willingness to get involved in the initiative.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government confirmed late Wednesday night that the sixth batch of hostages released from the Gaza Strip by Hamas has returned to Israel.

The 16 hostages, including 12 Israelis — some holding dual citizenship — and four Thai nationals, will undergo an initial medical examination before being escorted by security forces to hospitals to reunite with their families, according to statements issued by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Famagusta Gazette