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Gaza to receive Qatari-brokered medicine delivery on Wednesday: Israel

 Israel said on Tuesday that a delivery of vital prescription drugs will enter Gaza on Wednesday under a Qatari-brokered agreement.

According to a statement by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, the medicines purchased in France will also be delivered to hostages held in Gaza by Hamas and other militant groups, and the list of drugs was compiled based on the medical conditions of the hostages, several of whom are in their 70s and 80s.

“Two Qatari Air Force planes are expected on Wednesday to depart to Egypt with the medicines purchased in France,” while upon the arrival of the planes in Egypt, “the medicines will be transferred by Qatari representatives into the Gaza Strip to their final destination,” read the statement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his “appreciation to all those who helped during the process” and stressed that “Israel insists that all the medicines reach their destination.”

Qatari Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday the succession of reaching an agreement between Israel and Hamas to send medications and aid to Gaza.

About 130 hostages, including women, men and children, are still in Gaza after being kidnapped during Hamas’s surprise attack on Oct. 7, 2023, in which about 1,200 Israelis were killed.

The Palestinian death toll from ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen to 24,285, the Gaza-based Health Ministry said on Tuesday. Gaza is in desperate need of medical aid after Israel has cut the enclave from medicines, food, fuel and water supply as part of its retaliatory assault.

Famagusta Gazette