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Hamas confirms to Qatar medicines for hostages received in Gaza, delivery begins

The Qatari government said on Tuesday that Hamas has confirmed the receipt of a shipment of medicines and the commencement of their delivery to beneficiaries among the Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas, the Gaza-ruling Palestinian faction, has informed the Qatari side that it received the medicines and started to deliver them to the hostages in Gaza under an agreement mediated by Qatar, in cooperation with France between Hamas and Israel last month, the Qatari Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The agreement includes “the entry of medicines and a shipment of humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip, especially in the most affected and damaged areas, in exchange for delivering the medicines needed by hostages in the sector,” the ministry’s official spokesperson Majed Al-Ansari was quoted by the statement as saying.

As part of its commitment to ending the conflict in Gaza, Qatar has affirmed its ongoing mediation efforts, in collaboration with regional and international partners, according to Al-Ansari. ■

Famagusta Gazette