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Police in north Cyprus book over 1,800 drivers during crackdown

More than 1800 people have either been cautioned or given a ticket as part of a crackdown on dangerous driving in the Turkish occupied areas of Northern Cyprus.

In a massive road inspection sweep, law enforcement officers examined 8992 vehicles between 6pm Saturday and 3am on Sunday.

Figures show 1867 drivers were booked for a multitude of offenses, with speeding the most common misdemeanor. Furthermore, 234 vehicles were ordered off the road and 16 people in five districts were found to have no residence permit and were arrested.

Of the drivers in northern Nicosia, 112 were booked for using mobile phones while driving, 93 were found driving without a valid license, 22 were driving without wearing a seat belt, 12 were reported for driving without insurance, 10 for driving under the influence of alcohol, and 1 for skipping a red light.

Famagusta Gazette