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Cyprus: Push for mandatory registration of prepaid SIM cards

Users of pay-as-you-go mobile SIM cards in Cyprus may soon have to register by providing identification. As it stands, the cards can be picked up from kiosks and connected to the phone and internet network without the need for any paperwork.

However, the Attorney General and the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport are keen on passing a law on the identification of prepaid mobile phone card holders.

“In 2019-20, when we were discussing the bill, about half of the countries in Europe had adopted the identification system,” Attorney General, Giorgos Savvidis said. “Now the trend, it seems, is that most countries are adopting it, and it seems to be the right direction that many countries are following, which I hope Cyprus will follow as well.”

Supporters of the idea say it will help in solving crimes faster as pre-paid cards are frequently used by criminals, especially for text scams.

Famagusta Gazette