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New fraud as scammers continue to imitate Cyprus Postal Services

Scammers are continuing to target the public in Cyprus with cons purporting to be from the Cyprus Postal Services.

In their latest announcement, the Post Office has informed the public that the new scam is operating on Facebook ‘regarding allegedly selling unclaimed parcels that are in our warehouses’.

‘Posts under the name “Cypriot Postman” with our logo are illegal,’ the announcement said. ‘The Cyprus Post has no involvement and urges the public to be extremely careful and ignore such posts’.

The Post Office said it was important that citizens pay attention to the following signs:

The posts do not refer to our official website

Cyprus Post does not keep any unclaimed parcels, since such parcels are returned to the sender.

Payments are not directed to the JCC SMART online payment platform.

Just last month the Cyprus Post again warned the public about increased reports of deceptive SMSs messages, most of which are phishing attempts with requests for small payments.

Texts try to dupe the public into divulging private information such as passport details, banking information, or credit card details.

In another scam, police warned recently that fraudsters were posing as officials from Cyprus Capital Market Commission in a similar telephone fraud scheme.


Famagusta Gazette