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French president calls snap legislative elections

French President Emmanuel Macron announced dissolution of the National Assembly and called new legislative elections Sunday evening after his Renaissance party suffered a heavy defeat in the European Parliament (EP) elections, according to a live broadcast of local media BFMTV.

The Renaissance party gained 15.2 percent of the votes in 2024 EP elections, much behind the opposition far-right National Rally (RN), which received 31.8 percent of the votes.

“I have decided to give you back the choice of your parliamentary future through the vote. I am therefore dissolving the National Assembly this evening,” Macron said in a short speech, adding that elections to the National Assembly are to take place in two rounds on June 30 and July 7.

“This is a serious, weighty decision. But it is above all an act of trust,” he added.

“The unprecedented gap between the presidential majority and the leading opposition party reflects a stinging disavowal and rejection of the policies led by Emmanuel Macron,” RN President Jordan Bardella said after the EP elections results were unveiled, quoted by local media.

Famagusta Gazette