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Water levels low in dams across Cyprus

Dams in Cyprus show a decrease of water levels of 23.3 percent in compared to last year.

This is the third lowest level the last decade.

In a recent interview, Gianna Oikonomidou, told Cyprus Radio a bigger problem was created for the farmers since, as they were warned, there will be water cuts for irrigation.

Years of drought have been taking a heavy toll on southern Europe and especially Cyprus. Frequently massive losses are sustained by farmers and stockbreeders, who sometimes receive compensation from the State. Over the last few years, low rainfall has caused large areas of Cyprus to dry up.

Cyprus has a total of 108 dams and reservoirs, with a total water storage capacity of about 330,000,000 m3. Dams remain the principal source of water both for domestic and agricultural use. Water desalination plants are gradually being constructed in order to deal with recent years of prolonged drought.

Famagusta Gazette