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Qatar eyes Cyprus investments

Emir of Qatar, on a recent trip to Cyprus, reportedly expressed interest in investments, both in the Port and Marina of Larnaca and in the natural gas terminal in Vasiliko.

During his visit, the Emir of Qatar was accompanied by five ministers of his government, and arrived with a goal is long-term strategic cooperation with Cyprus.

President Christodoulides noted there were many prospects for further strengthening our bilateral relations and cooperation in the region.

Qatar is a partner with ExxonMobil in energy exploration inside Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone.

In a speech during a dinner for the Emir, Christodoulides said:

Cyprus and Qatar are linked by geography and are part of the same neighbourhood. We are both advocates of diplomacy, dialogue and cooperation, and we respond to the challenges in our region by striving to foster stability, peace and security.

Your Highness, your official visit today is the first by a leader of a Gulf country to Cyprus since I was elected to the Presidency. It is also your first ever visit to Cyprus. It constitutes a strategic step in further developing as well as diversifying our strong bilateral ties.

In welcoming, Your Highness, once again to Cyprus, I am confident that today we begin writing the next chapter in the very promising Qatar-Cyprus relations. For the benefit of our countries, for the benefit of our peoples and for the benefit of our region.

Famagusta Gazette