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Italy has not “fully and correctly” adopted the rules on single-use plastic

The European Commission on Thursday announced it is taking legal action against Italy for allegedly failing to implement directives aimed at curbing the use of single-use plastic.

Italy was an early supporter of Europe’s efforts to cut down on pollution from single-use plastics, but in recent years it has opposed the evolution of the rules.

In 2021, Italy was the subject of a European Union (EU) investigation that found the country’s domestic rules on single-use plastics failed to conform with those of the EU. Subsequently, the country formally “transposed” the European directive on plastics into law.

However, the issue came to the fore once again last year, with Italy and Finland threatening to soften EU rules on plastic packaging. In December, Italy was the only country among the 27 EU member states to vote against the negotiating mandate governing plastic packaging. The measure was approved despite Italy’s opposition.

The Commission on Thursday said Italy has not “fully and correctly” adopted the rules on single-use plastic, which the Commission called “an essential part of its approved Plastics Strategy and Circular Economy Action Plan.” Italy’s Council of Ministers confirmed on Thursday it had received the notification.

The rules give Italy two months to remedy the problems outlined in the plan. If the country fails to do so, it could eventually be penalized.

Famagusta Gazette