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Lebanon: Five Hezbollah members killed in airstrike

Five Hezbollah members were killed and five others were injured on Monday in Israeli air strikes on several villages and towns in southern Lebanon, Lebanese military sources told Xinhua.

The sources, who spoke anonymously, said that Israeli warplanes carried out four raids on the southwest town of Naqoura, killing two Hezbollah members and wounding three others.

Israel also implemented two raids on the southeast village of Mays al-Jabal, killing two Hezbollah members and injuring another one, and a raid on the town of al-Qusayr on the Lebanese-Syrian border in eastern Lebanon, killing a Hezbollah member and injuring another.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah said its fighters responded by attacking several Israeli sites.

Tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border escalated on Oct. 8, 2023, following a barrage of rockets launched by the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah toward Israel in solidarity with Hamas’ attack on Israel the day before. Israel then retaliated by firing heavy artillery toward southeastern Lebanon.

The confrontations between Hezbollah and Israel have killed 477 people on the Lebanese side, including 301 Hezbollah members and 89 civilians, according to Lebanese security sources.

Famagusta Gazette