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Tatar weighs into Cyprus energy debate, says ‘parameters have changed’

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar addressed the Cypriot Government in the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus and reiterated his call, “Let’s collaborate and establish a cable connection to Europe via the Republic of Türkiye”. 

According to a Turkish Cypriot PIO bulletin, Tatar made a speech at the “Eastern Mediterranean Energy Summit” held at the Conference Hall of the ‘Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce’.

Stating that the refusal of the Republic of Cyprus to transfer energy to Europe via Türkiye is not logical and feasible, Tatar noted that it would be both costly and difficult to do this through Greece.

He said, according to the PIO, that it is ‘known by everyone that the Turkish Cypriot side will not approve a solution in which the majority will rule the minority on a federal basis and Türkiye will be completely excluded from the Eastern Mediterranean’.

Tatar pointed out that the ‘parameters of the game in the Eastern Mediterranean have now changed’ and that the formula that will ensure a fair distribution of the potential in the Mediterranean is through two equal states with equal status.

Famagusta Gazette