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Israel: Window for a diplomatic solution with Hezbollah is short

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said on Thursday the window of time for a diplomatic solution with Hezbollah is short.

Gallant made the remarks in Tel Aviv when meeting with visiting U.S. Senior Advisor Amos Hochstein, who arrived in Israel earlier on the day in a bid to lower roiling tensions between Israel and the Lebanese militant group.

A statement released by Israel’s Government Press Office said the U.S. envoy, during the meeting with Gallant and other senior military officials, was briefed on the security situation on Israel’s northern border and the conditions required by the defense establishment to facilitate over 80,000 displaced Israelis to return home.

According to statements released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Thursday, the army continued to carry out airstrikes on several Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon. The targets included a rocket launch position, an observation post, and other infrastructure belonging to the Lebanese military group.

Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday that in the last three to four weeks, the IDF has started to attack Hezbollah “more aggressively and broadly.”


Famagusta Gazette